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For us there's so much more to vintage Omega watches than just telling the time. Their looks, their craftsmanship and longevity and not to mention their investment appreciation.

Vintage Omega's, by their very nature, are all about precision and quality. There's a timeless appeal about knowing that this watch will not let you down - but on the rare occasion it does, any respectable watchmaker will stop at nothing to repair it for you.

We've grown from a hobby of collecting a few vintage Omega's to now stocking 100's of top quality pieces and selling to clients all over the world. Our customers include experienced collectors, newbies and everyone in between.

We specialise in Omega's from the 60's and 70's as well as a selection from the 40's and 50's. Each watch is stripped down, thoroughly cleaned and always has the crystal, gasket, strap and spring bars replaced.

We're able to source specific models and production years (perfect if you're buying a watch as a gift for a birthday), change a strap to a preferred colour, and offer any required advice or guidance.

All of our watches are regulated and time tested, and all are meticulously packaged to ensure they reach you just as they left us.


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