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We are Montauk Group Ltd, a very serious & professional watch wholesaler based in Switzerland with more than 15 years of experience. Our strength is our excellent network to supply us fantastic watch brands at attractive prices coupled to the excellent service we offer to our customers like you will maybe become soon.

Here is some valuable information for you:

1. We guarantee that all of our watches are brand new, authentic, with original documents and packaging. We only sell brand new watches with documents and packaging.

2. All watches come with international manufacturer warranty.

3. We work with many brands. In case, if we do not have something on stock, it is always possible to order the desired model.

4. If the buyer is outside Switzerland, we would remove the Swiss VAT (7.7%). Please note that Switzerland is not part of the EU. 

5. We can also arrange delivery in the transit zone of Geneva or Zurich airports. In this way, you would save taxes.

6. We ship worldwide and we offer VIP Home delivery. Reach out to us for more details.

7. Shipments are fully insured and we offer them to our customers.

8. We accept cash, credit cards (through Chrono24), bank transfers.

9. Our staff speak English, French, Spanish and Italian. Happy to learn new languages for you!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Mobile +41.79.915.43.30



Montauk Group Ltd

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Începând cu luna ianuarie a anului 2016, fiecare comerciant online de pe teritoriul Uniunii Europene are obligația de a se informa de pe „Platforma pentru soluționarea amiabilă online a litigiilor” a Comisiei Europene. Pentru aceasta, vă punem la dispoziție acest text cuprinzând indicații verificate din punct de vedere juridic. Vă rugăm să faceți clic pe „Publicare indicație” pentru a afișa indicația pe pagina dvs. de internet de comerciant și lângă anunțurile dvs.

Comisia U.E. a creat o platformă de internet pentru soluționarea amiabilă online a litigiilor (așa-numita „Platformă OS”). Platforma OS servește ca punct de pornire în vederea soluționării amiabile extrajuridice a litigiilor care au ca obiect obligații contractuale stabilite pe baza contractelor de cumpărare-vânzare online. Clientul poate accesa Platforma OS prin linkul următor:

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